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Grill Rescue Brush Hands-On Review: Best Grill Brush On The Market?

Written by Mike Futia | Updated October 14, 2023

I purchased the Grill Rescue Brush with Scraper so I could put it to the test and offer this first-person, hands-on review.

grill rescue brush

What We Like

  • No wire bristles
  • Uses steam to clean
  • Dishwasher-friendly, and easy to clean

What We Didn't Like

  • Expensive compared to other grill brushes
  • Cleaning pad snaps off handle too easily

Bottom Line: The Grill Rescue Brush (with Scraper) is the most expensive grill brush we've ever used, but it's also the best. If you're a serious backyard BBQ-er, you should consider adding this tool to your arsenal.

grill rescue

I was excited to get my hands on the Grill Rescue brush to take it for a spin. I tested it out on my Traeger 780 after smoking some BBQ chicken thighs, and I also took the time to run it through the dishwasher to see how clean it came out.

Read on to discover my first-hand experience with this grill brush.

Design: High-Quality, Heat-Resistant materials

grill rescue brush

The Grill Rescue brush stands out because of its unique cleaning head.

There are no bristles on this brush—instead, it uses durable aramid fiber, a heat-retardant material that makes it stand up to even the strongest grill flames. As the company is fond of pointing out, this is the same material used to make firefighter gear (the creator is a former firefighter). 

As for the handle, its incredibly sturdy. It feels solid and has a good weight when you're holding it. This reliability is crucial for a brush that cost me about $40.

grill rescue brush

I purchased the brush that has the scraper included (they also sell a version without the scraper). It's made of stainless steel, and during my tests, it was able to easily scrape off BBQ sauce and chicken skin bits off my grill.

A unique selling point of the Grill Rescue is that it doesn't include any actual bristles. In their marketing, Grill Rescue is keen to point out that bristles can fall off the brush, and end up in your food—and inside your stomach, which can be dangerous. 

The fact that it doesn't include any bristles is definitely an added benefit from a safety perspective. 

grill rescue brush

Now, the design does have a flaw worth noting. In order to place the cleaning pad in the dishwasher, the pad is designed to be detached from the handle (no problem there).

Testing Insight

Where I ran into an issue was when I was pressing the pad against my grill grates. Two separate times, the cleaning pad snapped off the handle, and I had to stop my cleaning process, and re-attach the handle manually.

I wouldn't call it a dealbreaker, but it's a definite design flaw.

Material: Resilient & Heat-Resistant 

grill rescue brush

As I mentioned, the build-quality of the Grill Rescue brush is (mostly) world-class.

The cleaning pad is made from durable aramid fiber, which is a super-heat-resistant material. This means you don't have to worry about the pad burning or lighting on fire when you're cleaning. It has a really nice premium feel in your hands.

The handle is also extremely solid. It's made from hard plastic, so it's sturdy to hold when you're using it, and there's no risk or it melting or snapping. I noticed when using the brush that my hands—and the handle—remained cool to the touch, even as the temperature of the grill had just been at 450 degrees. 

Performance: Steam-Cleaning Efficiency 

grill grates clean

My grill grates after cleaning them with the Grill Rescue Brush

The Grill Rescue is unique in how you use it:

First, you need to have your grill heated up (and then turned off) to at least 400 degrees. During my tests, I cranked my Traeger up to 450 F, then shut it off.

cleaning grill rescue brush

Then, you need to dunk the Grill Rescue brush in water.

After that, you can start cleaning your grill. You're effectively steam-cleaning the grates, which, I admit, makes for a fun and efficient cleaning process.

Testing Insight

The cleaning brush is tough and sturdy, and I recommend to clean your grates head-on, rather than parallel to the grates. With this approach, I was able to glide the brush smoothly and without much resistance.

As I mentioned, twice during the cleaning process, the cleaning pad inadvertently fell off. This didn't hinder the overall performance, but it was annoying.

grill rescue brush

I was able to use the scraper to remove bits of chicken thigh and the glazed-on BBQ sauce from the grill grates with ease.

While the Grill Rescue didn't remove every bit of debris, it did a very good job.

After using the scraper, I dunked the cleaning pad in water, and followed up by wiping the rest of the grill where I had used the scraper. This scraper/brush combo made quick work of my dirty Traeger grates.

While I didn't use it for this purpose, it appeared to me that because of its unique cleaning pad, you can use the Grill Rescue brush for another purpose: oiling your grill grates before adding your food.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Effortless

Grill Rescue dirty brush

My Grill Rescue Brush after its first use

One of the best parts of the Grill Rescue brush is how incredibly easy it is to clean.

Most other grill brushes are a pain because of their tough bristles, which are notoriously hard to get clean.

Testing Insight

With the Grill Rescue, all you need to do is pop off the cleaning pad from the handle and toss it in the dishwasher–it's as simple as that.

When I first used the cleaning brush, it got really dirty after tackling the smoked chicken thighs on my Traeger (see pic above). 

grill rescue brush cleaned

My Grill Rescue brush after one cycle in the dishwasher

So I popped it into the dishwasher, and after just one cycle, it's back to looking great again. 

Price: Premium For A Long-Term Investment

grill rescue brush

Look: the Grill Rescue brush isn't cheap. At $49.95 current retail for the model that includes the scraper, it's one of the most expensive grill brushes out there (if not the most expensive)

At this price point, it's 2x-3x more expensive than your average grill brush.

Still, there's something to be said about build-quality and long-term value.

Let's put it this way: if you only use your grill or smoker from time-to-time, the Grill Rescue probably isn't worth the investment.

But, if you're like me, and you're out grilling up steaks or smoking ribs multiple times per week when the weather is warm, I really think this is a no-brainer.

It works great, it's built to last, and it's actually fun to use.

Final Verdict

The Grill Rescue Brush (with Scraper) is the best grill brush on the market. It performs great and removes stubborn grill debris while also being exceptionally easy to clean. I love the removable pad, the durable handle, and the stainless-steel scraper. If you're a frequent griller, and you've got the budget, this is one item you should be adding to your grilling toolkit.

Mike Futia

Hello, I'm Mike Futia, a passionate griller and BBQ enthusiast. I'm the creator of Grill Frenzy, and I'm committed to sharing my knowledge of grilling and smoking with you. I believe that BBQ and grilling should be accessible to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, I'm here to guide you on your grilling journey. Welcome!


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