We Tested The 5 Best Traeger Pizza Stones

Written by Mike Futia | Updated December 27, 2023

Did you know you could make pizza on your Traeger grill

Grilled pizza is an entirely different experience on the pellet grill than from one in the oven, allowing the dough, cheese, and toppings to soak up all the tasty smokiness from the grilling process.

In this guide, we're walking you through the best Traeger pizza stones you can buy right now.

The 5 Best Traeger Pizza Stones 

  • Best Overall: Ooni Stone Baking Board
  • Best Runner-Up: Unicook Pizza Stone
  • Best on a Budget: Pizzacraft Pizza Stone
  • Best High End: Kamado Joe Pizza Stone
  • Most Versatile: Hans Grill Pizza Stone

1. Best Traeger Pizza Stone Overall: Ooni Stone Baking Board

ooni pizza stone

The Ooni Stone Baking Board is our top pick, offering a solid stone in a pleasing color that will fit perfectly on your Traeger.


  • The Ooni Stone Baking Board comes in a unique square shape, allowing you to pick between a circle or square pizza whenever you bake. It also fits nicely inside the Trager.
  • The Ooni is made of solid cordierite, making it one of the most versatile and solid pieces on the market. It retains heat well, keeping the pizza warm and crispy.
  • The Ooni is large enough to fit a nice-sized pizza, yet not so big it becomes impossible to store. Plus, the price point is doable for most grillers.


  • The Ooni is impossible to clean. You must use a special cleaning brush instead of soap and water to prevent damaging the stone.
  • Some users reported their Ooni Boards breaking during the shipping process. They might arrive broken.
ooni pizza

A delicious margherita pizza made on my Ooni pizza stone

The Ooni Board is made for Ooni pizza ovens, but it will function well on your Traeger. From the pleasing color to the easy heat retention, we think this tool is one of the easiest to work with and will consistently provide professional results. The square shape allows versatility, while the cordierite construction allows it to retain heat well.

Unfortunately, you’re not supposed to clean the Ooni Stone Baking Board with soap and water. Instead, you must use a special brush to remove grit and grime after baking your next pizza. This can make things a little complicated when it comes to cleaning, but it is still by far our favorite Traeger pizza stone! 

2. Best Traeger Pizza Stone Runner-Up: Unicook Pizza Stone

unicook pizza stone

The Unicook Large Pizza Stone is an excellent choice to ensure your pizzas have the tastiest, crispiest crusts. 


  • The Unicook is one of the largest pizza stones, allowing you to fit up to two pizzas. If you’re having a gathering, it will save time and ensure everyone gets warm pizza simultaneously. 
  • In metal pans, heat does not distribute well, and moisture isn’t absorbed. With the pores inside the Unicook stone, your pizza will always cook evenly and have the crispiest crust ever.
  • The Unicook can withstand some insane temperatures. In fact, it can hold its ground up to 1,450 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • You can’t use soap, water, or grease to clean the Unicook. It needs a specific cleaning method.
  • The Unicook is one of the heaviest pizza stones, thanks to its size.
  • Many customers reported receiving a shattered pizza stone.

If you want a large stone that ensures crispy crust, even heat distribution, and enough room to cook multiple pizzas at once, the Unicook is a valuable choice. It’s versatile and durable, able to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures in your Traeger.

Of course, it does require a specific cleaning method similar to the Ooni. It’s also one of the heaviest stones, which might not be a practical choice for everyone, especially if you won’t normally be making tons of pizza for a crowd. 

3. Best Traeger Pizza Stone on a Budget: Pizzacraft Pizza Stone

The Pizzacraft Pizza Stone is practical on your grill or in the oven, offering a Thermabond strength for a thermal shock-resistant ability. 


  • The Pizzacraft Pizza Stone is one of the most affordable options, coming in at around $40. It’s great for those who don’t want to spend too much on their grill.
  • The stone has a heat transfer pattern on one side, permitting better circulation of heat for a consistent cooking experience.
  • The Pizzacraft Stone is ready right away and doesn’t require any format of seasoning to prep the material before cooking the pizza.


  • Some customers report cracking in the stone after use, leading to a necessary replacement stone.
  • Other buyers stated a chemical smell that didn’t go away after months of use.

If you’re ready to use a pizza stone but don’t want to get too complicated with your first, the Pizzacraft Pizza Stone is an excellent place to start. It’s affordable, built with a heat transfer pattern, and ready to use immediately.

Of course, a cheaper stone brings its own issues. Many customers reported the stone cracked after its first few uses, and there was a chemical smell that stuck even after keeping it for a few months. If you think you might be making pizza with some frequency, it’s probably better to purchase a better-quality stone. 

4. Best Traeger Pizza Stone High End: Kamado Joe Pizza Stone

The Kamado Joe Pizza Stone is one of the most expensive selections on our list, but it provides an excellent amount of value if you can afford it.


  • The Kamado Joe Pizza Stone offers excellent heat retention, keeping the pizza warm and creating a crispy crust with its compressed ceramic material.
  • The stone is built to last long, though it might crack if placed directly inside flames.
  • It comes in a 15-inch and 20-inch side to fit your product.


  • The excellent Kamado Joe Pizza Stone is expensive, which means it isn’t practical for everyone.
  • The stone needs special care to ensure it’s protected from heat shock while on the grill.

The Kamado Joe Pizza Stone is one of the fanciest pizza stones on this list. It provides excellent heat retention, permitting a crispy crust pizza lovers will enjoy. It’s made to last a long time and comes in two convenient sizes to best fit your Traeger.

It takes a little more work to care for the Kamado Joe Pizza Stone to protect it from heat shock. Also, the price makes it an impractical purchase for many people.

5. Most Versatile Traeger Pizza Stone: Hans Grill Pizza Stone

The Hans Grill Pizza Stone is a versatile stone built for baking pizza on the Trager or chicken in the oven in your kitchen.


  • The Hans Grill Pizza Stone is made from ultra-strong cordierite, offering excellent cooking under high temperatures.
  • The stone is non-stick, offering an easy-to-clean tool and a practical choice for parties and gatherings.


  • The Hans Stone tends to have the smell of plastic when it cooks, which isn’t ideal when making a delicious pizza.
  • The stone is only a foot, which means your pizzas can’t be longer than that. It might take a long time to cook enough pizza for a large group, or you’ll need multiple stones. 

The Hans Grill Pizza Stone is excellent if you want something that will work both on your Traeger and in your kitchen for almost any food. It’s non-stick, durable under high temperatures, and provides a surface that is very easy to clean.

Unfortunately, there is a plastic smell that tends to come up with the Hans Stone when cooking with it. Also, the stone is much smaller than other stones on our list, which puts a limit on what you can make with it. 

Why Use A Pizza Stone On A Traeger?

ooni pizza stone

Although it’s possible to cook a pizza on a Traeger without a pizza stone, the tool makes the process easier and will make the pizza better once it comes off the device. 

If you use a pizza stone on a Traeger trip, it will:

  • Keep the pizza hot and fresh once the food is done cooking
  • Ensure there is an even cooking of the crust
  • Absorb moisture, allowing the pizza to retain a crispy crust
  • Elevate your pizza-making skills and achieve high-quality results

A pizza stone is an excellent investment choice if you’re ready to hone your pizza-making skills on the grill. However, there are some poor stones available on the market. You want to make a quality purchase for the best pizzas and a product that will last on your Traeger. 

Is Cordierite Better Than Ceramic?

Two of the most common materials used in pizza stones are cordierite and ceramic. If you’re interested in getting a pizza stone that will withstand high temperatures on a Traeger, it’s critical to make the right choice in material. While there are pros to each item, one is better in a pizza stone.

Overall, cordierite tends to be the better option for a pizza stone. It’s made to withstand much higher temperatures, which means you can place the product in higher heat without risk of damage to your stone. If you have a choice and want to deal with higher temperatures, cordierite is better than ceramic.

Pizza Stone Features to Consider

We have analyzed several items to figure out the best pizza stones. When you’re picking out your next stone, there are a couple of things you should ponder along the way:


Nobody wants to spend excessive money on a pizza stone, but it’s also critical to get good value for what you spend. As you look for the right stone, consider the cost-to-benefit ratio until you find a stone that offers a solid balance of a lower price and multiple features.


The thicker the stone, the longer it will take to warm up, and the better it will retain heat. The thinner the material, the faster it will heat up and the more it will struggle to hold heat. Some might prefer the speedy performance of the thin stone, while others want a thicker stone with better heat retention. 


Maintenance is another critical item to consider when investing in a pizza stone. If you don’t want to put a ton of effort into your pizza stone, you should go for a pizza stone that doesn’t require special cleaning measures. 

Some pizza stones need a simple soap and water cleaning, while others need something special. Examine your lifestyle and how you cook to determine proper maintenance levels for your stone. If you don’t want to purchase special cleaning supplies for a pizza stone, then one that allows soap and water cleaning is probably better. 


The material of a pizza stone determines how much heat it can handle and how it will cook your pizza. The most common pizza stone materials include cast iron, cordierite, and ceramic, each with different temperatures they can withstand and cooking processes. 

Cast iron is durable and retains heat but takes a long time to heat up, ceramic provides an even heat distribution, and cordierite brings excellent resistance and durability. 

Shape and Size

Finally, examine the shape and size of your Traeger pizza stone. A large stone is ideal if you want to cook multiple pizzas at once, but you don’t want to purchase one that won’t fit inside your Traeger grill. 

Measure the cooking surface on your Traeger and ensure you look at the dimensions before buying your pizza stone, or you may have to return it before you get to cook with it.

Overall, we hope this list has helped to narrow down the right pizza stone for you! If you are interested in a grill you can cook pizza on (but don’t yet have one), check out our list of the 7 Best Grill and Smoker Combos

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